DRÄGER SA2 altatógép

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Cikkszám: AL01
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Dr. MÜLLER anesthesia unit for horses (horse anesthesia unit), anesthesia unit for large animals (large animal anesthesia unit), COMPLETE PRICE, our anesthesia unit with ventilation consists of the following components: DRÄGER SA2 mobile anesthesia unit with flow meter for O2, N20, Air, suitable for central gas supply and/or bottle operation with O2 Flush, with interchangeable Vapor mount for 2 Vapors, on braked trolley with bottle holder (please state if required!), used DRÄGER Vapor 19.3 for Isoflurane (converted to Halothane or Enflurane Vapor), used, DRÄGER CIRCLE PART for foals and small animals, including scrubber material container, inspiration and exhalation valve, used with 3 liter breathing bag, 1 pair patient hoses and Y-piece LARGE ANIMAL CIRCLE PART for large animals horse circle piece, new unit (material: stainless steel, chrome-plated copper), complete with scrubber material container, hoses, Y-piece, 4 different adapters for tracheal tubes DR. MÜLLER horse ventilator, large animal ventilator, ventilator for horses: pressure-controlled ventilator for horses based on the bag-in-bottle system,with BIRD ventilation unit that generates pressure and vacuum in an acrylic glass cylinder. Manual, assisted or controlled ventilation. The device is mobile, extremely robust (4-wheel aluminium trolley with acrylic glass bin), can be easily dismantled, -intended solely for veterinary medicine - information: MyClean® FD: Disinfectant for Dr. Müller horse ventilator (100g contain: 2,5g Polyhexamethylenbiguanidhydrochlorid, 0,8g Didecylimethylammoniumcholrid) -Attention: not all items you can see in the pictures are included in the Price